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10 Amazing User Experiences

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The internet is a beautiful place, full of beautiful experiences.

The need to entertain, educate or sell to visitors, mixed with the abundance of creativity in the web design world creates a plethora of great experiences. From a vast sea of content, we bring you 10 of the best experiences from around the web this past couple of weeks.

Let it entertain, inspire, and wow you:

If the Moon Were Only One Pixel

Can you make it to Pluto? It is hard to fathom the immense scale of our solar system, of the universe. Diagrams don’t quite do it justice.

This mind-blowing, unique take, doesn’t do too badly though. The moon is shrunk to the size of a pixel to create the scale. Starting from the Sun, keep scrolling to uncover new planets. How far can you get? (I gave up somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn…)

Emotions of Sound

In such a visual environment, we oft-forget just how important sound is in eliciting emotions. This beautiful project by amplifon has you listen to sound clips and vote how it makes you feel.

See if you agree with everyone else, or if your feelings are unique to yourself.

Frequency 2156

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a post apocalyptic world? Immerse yourself in Frequency 2156 – ‘A digital radio broadcast from the year 2156’. With the world in ruin from nuclear holocaust, listen to ‘survivors’ (anyone is free to submit their own clips), and tunes from this dystopian world.

Nexus 5

Another examples of utilising scrolling in a creative way, creating a more immersive and interesting spectacle for the viewer.

Google’s Nexus 5 information page makes excellent use of layered images and parallax scrolling in order to enrich an otherwise dull experience.

Flight Radar 24

The mysterious and tragic disappearance of a Malaysian Plane last week has dominated the news. One discovery to come out of this disaster is Flight Radar 24.

Open up and marvel at the sheer amount of airline traffic. Flight Radar is a live map of every plane in the air, using their attached gps. Clicking on planes allows you to see further information.

Not quite a new site, nor spectacular from a User Experience point of view, it remains is stunning and an eye opener to anyone.

BBC News: Arms Wide Open

It is the layered images which – much like the nexus 5 page – forms such a great user experience. Using images which perfectly overlay one another to add another dimension to the article. This tactic of combining two images into one makes for a great, informative, experience.

Of course, this isn’t the only great point. The BBC Magazine’s responsive redesign looks great, and the article is, of course, a truly interesting read.

Ô Green

Nestle’s stunning WebGL design forms an experience like nowhere else on the web. An experience that not so long ago wouldn’t have gone amiss as a video card product demo.

Just dive in and explore for yourself, there isn’t much else that needs to be said.

Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull has a reputation for producing amazing real world experiences. Dominating the world of extreme sports with aggressive, and impressive, marketing.

Their virtual self is no different however. Red Bull Music Academy’s site opens up with an interesting feature. The calendar is represented in 3D, rotating as the user interacts. A creative, and refreshing new take.

MLS Season Preview

Our Fourth and final entrant utilising scrolling in an impressive and inspiring way.

The MLS Season Preview continues the trend of ‘spicing up’ online articles through creating additional user interaction. Removing the historic text and image combination, and adding a 3rd dimension to the experience. This allows the reader to get more involved, to keep more engaged, and ultimately leave with increased knowledge.

404ing with Lemmings

We finish with a bit of fun. 404 pages have a tendency to add a bit of light relief to the web, and this one is no different.

Drawing from the classic video game ‘Lemmings’; when the user 404’s they are faced with the task of saving as many of the little men as possible. Not quite your usual error message!

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.