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10 Amazing User Experiences

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The internet is a beautiful place, full of beautiful experiences.

The need to entertain, educate or sell to visitors, mixed with the abundance of creativity in the web design world creates a plethora of great experiences. From a vast sea of content, we bring you 10 of the best experiences from around the web these past couple of weeks.

Let it entertain, inspire, and wow you:

Take the Throne

For the past 4 years, spring has been dominated by HBO’s behemoth of a TV series. You’d be hard-pressed to not find a Game of Thrones fan in your near vicinity.

Take the Throne uses that hype, from twitter, to give you the option to “take the throne”. Using appropriately hashtagged tweets, it builds the iron throne with your words – creating a rather stunning visual experience.

100,000 stars (from Google)

Attempts to convey the size of the universe on the web have appeared before on our list. This time, it is Google taking a crack at it.

With another captivating visual experience, 100,000 star takes us on a tour of the universe – starting from our very own sun, to the rest of the vast abyss.

Started from the Bottom

Storytelling often brings about the most inventive onlin experiences. Just as we saw with the previous example, here we see another method at telling an a tale in the online world. is a biography of rapper Drake. Not just any old biography however. Unlike a standard, static wikipedia article, this site conveys it’s message via some nice parallax scrolling and striking imagery. Ensuing the story is brought to life.

The Infinite Jukebox

An oldy, that never gets old.

The Infinite Jukebox takes your songs, and – well – makes them infinite! Utilising some ingenious analysis software, the site finds like beats within a song, and loops them ensuring the song can never end. On top of this, when the song is playing we’re presented with a great visual of what is going on which only adds to the intrigue.

Streetview/Myst Crossover

Remember the classic Myst video game series?

This simple site takes the historic UI of the famous Adventure Puzzle game, and applies it to Streetview

This new take on street view takes us old gamers back to the days of static image adventure-crawlers. I actually feel it makes an often laggy streetview more usable!

Out in the Great Alone

As we’ve already shown twice, storytelling is continually re-inventing the web.

Out in the Great Alone is yet another excellent example. Re-inventing how articles are presented to us online; we’re taken on a journey, with parallax elements appearingwhen they’re needed to help guide us.


We’d always expect Digital design agencies to be the best to the best. Unfortunatly that isnt always true – as we’ve covered before.

Jam3is no slouch however. Open it up and checkout the mouse over effects on that header. Things only get better from therein..!

You Know Nothing

Continuing that Game of Thrones hype is You Know Nothing.

With such a huge cast, you’d be forgiven for forgetting character’s storyline, plot involvement, or merely who they are. You Know Nothing attempts to solve that problem, beautifully displaying all cast members with key information. Check it out and you may just come away Knowing Something.

Publicis Modem

Our second digital agency, but this time with a different approach.

Publicis Modem don’t go for the fancy visuals. Indeed, the whole site appears toned down in comparison to previous examples.

Instead, what we have here is a site with just plain old great user experience. It is simplistic, and easy to navigate whilst remaining interesting, vibrant and exciting.


A slight NSFW on this due to the language but otherwise an excellent site.

Unsure of where to eat tonight? Tell wherethefuckshouldigotoeat where you are, and it’ll return you a place nearby. I personally love the extremely simplistic interface of it all. No bells, no whistles. It just works and looks very nice in the meantime.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.