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10 Amazing User Experiences

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The internet is a beautiful place, full of beautiful experiences.

The need to entertain, educate or sell to visitors, mixed with the abundance of creativity in the web design world creates a plethora of great user experiences. From a vast sea of content, we bring you 10 of the best experiences from around the web these past couple of weeks.

Let it entertain, inspire, and wow you:


We’re always looking to share memories with friends. Digital cameras have made it easier to share photos. Social networks have made it easier to show them off to friends and families. Unfortunately the classic photo album feel hasn’t quite been harnessed.

Parade makes a valiant attempt to change that however. Utilising parallax scrolling, photos are beautifully presented to the viewer returning that classic feel of flicking through an album (Check out the examples!)

Nightwalk in Marseille (with Google)

The magic of the internet is that it allows us to explore places we may never have the chance to visit. Google let us take things a step further with a guided tour of Marseille, France.

Taking advantage of Google Maps and Street View, it offers up an experience begging for Oculus Rift integration!

The New

Acting as a preview to their new site, this is a two-layered experience.

First of all, the new site looks great. Allowing users to customize and play with their potential new cars online. Turning the internet into an online showroom. It’s a mystery why someone hasn’t done it before. A revolution in the way manufacturers market themselves online no doubt.

This preview site though, acting for promotional reasons is in itself great as well. Combining video, images, gifs and flat design; we see all of the current trends thrown into one short, sweet and informative site. It does it’s job perfectly.

annie96 is typing…

Modern web technologies allow storytellers to converse in imaginative ways. These technologies can really be used to add something to the narrative.

annie96 is typing… is a fine example of this. The web page is used to create the feel that you’re inside someones text conversation. This interactive tale has you control the conversation to some extent ,with the text speeding up or slowing down to create suspense or panic. Get read to be gripped.

Bueno the Bear

Now something a tad lighter after the previous horror tale.

This is the portfolio site of Adventure Time creator “Pen”. The man behind the often nonsensical cartoon showcases his madness creative flair here.

Content is lacking, but they way the site opens up from the loading indicator is unique, and worth checking out on its own!

I Remember

Charities often produce the most inventive designs on the web. Utilising emotion within the experience like no other in order to not only get the message across, but leave a lasting impression.

I Remember is no difference. Produced by the Fondation Recherche Medicale, a French medical research foundation, it aims to raise awareness of alzeimer’s.

The site is slowly disappearing, and the only way to rejuvenate it is by adding more memories. If the memories continually aren’t built up, they disappear again. Just like alzheimer’s.

Mass-Energy Scale

We’ve seen many inventive uses for Parallax scrolling recently. Personally I’m not a fan of the trend to parallax for the sake of it. When used in the correct environment however, it is beautiful.

Just check out this visual introduction to Einstein’s famous equation. First learn what it means, then see a visual representation of Energy vs. Mass. Explore, and learn.

Allianz – Real Life

Interactive experiences are all the rage, and Allianz pipe up with their own.

Allianz – Real Life presents you with a globe with various pinpoints. Clicking on these gives you a real world picture at that location. Within the picture is an application of Allianz’s insurance; Car insurance, Life insurance etc. Allianz show us how and why it applies to the real world. Far more informative that throwing text at us to crawl through.

McClaren Mission Control Online

With the Formula One season having recently restarted, a collection of the world’s richest teams return to their desperate marketing efforts.

McClaren allow us inside Mission Control. Greeted by a friendly (and frankly annoying) woman, we are invited to explore all the options available to us. Harking back to interactive CDs of the 90s, it is a somewhat refreshing site experience. Navigate and explore in this poor, but attempted virtual reality. It is a nice alternate take on a website.


We finish with a bit of crazy one.

Taking advantage of the ‘Hopalong Attractor’, Erppy presents us with a visually stunning experience. Just sit back and take it in.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.