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Eliminate assumptions and get the contextual insights you need. Knowing what’s working (and more importantly, what’s not) means you can actively improve user experience and conversion.

"The screenshot function is invaluable. It makes it much easier to reproduce and understand customers’ concerns."

Corinna Birkhofer
Online Sales & Analysis - Lufthansa

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Collect feedback from users as they browse your content

Native in-app feedback with no redirects

Integrate feedback seamlessly into your app so users can let you know what they think, even when they’re offline. Pinpoint what you need to improve to get those 5-star app store ratings.

"With Usabilla for Apps we have been able to identify bugs and bottlenecks immediately. Collecting live feedback has allowed us to improve our resolution time by 60%."

Paul Veugen
Founder - Human

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Usabilla integrates with a whole bunch of tools and processes. From Scrum to Slack, adding Usabilla to the mix will enhance your existing toolkit, without disrupting it.

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'What makes Usabilla great is that they’re evolving the product continuously. I see continuous innovation coming through the company, which other companies don’t have.'

Peter Ciepiela
Former Digital Optimization Lead

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